Universal Watch Company of Las Vegas Nevada was originally established in Brookline, Massachusetts in 1994 to bring the unique AKTEO thematic watch line to the United States from France.

In 2003, Universal Watch Co., Inc. moved to Las Vegas, Nevada to open several TeNo stores. 40Nine watches was launched in November, 2013 in an effort to provide customers with a fun, sporty, inexpensive watch that would certainly get noticed.
40Nine watches come in dozens of vibrant colors and 3 sizes for both men and women. They are all water-resistant to 165 ft. and carry a 2-year warranty on the movement. The best part? They are only $49!

Need a little more mechanics to your timepiece? 40Nine now offers the "Chrono Sport" line featuring all new color combinations, a perfect 45mm for men and women and is only $99!